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The "Tells you what you want to hear" media gone wild
So, are you of the opinion that Nuclear Energy is the safest form of energy ever invented? Good news, the Japanese reactors have pumped out less radiation than a single lead-encased lump of coal embedded in an iceberg.

What?  You're not? You think it's the most dangerous form of Energy ever invented? Good news - uh, I mean bad news, the Japanese reactors have gone into total meltdown and are pumping out enough radiation to cross the Atlantic and make the whole of California lethally radioactive. Remember to take those Iodine pills!

It's getting absurd. From what I can tell the truth isn't really like either of these extremes.

Nuclear Energy suffers from having supporters and critics who have always gone overboard in their beliefs about it's relative safety. Insofar as I can see a truth that ought to be respected by both sides, it's that a difficult (impossible?) to plan for, rare but inevitable, event has caused a serious environmental issue that needs to be cleaned up or else will cause deaths for years to come.

Contrary to myth, Nuclear Power is not the safest form of energy ever invented - not if the amount of money spent on safety controls and clean-ups is taken into account, not to mention the pending questions about waste disposal. But at the same time, the low number of accidents and the fact that the Japanese situation, while bad, appears to have a finite damage profile that's appears to be possible to clean up, shows that Nuclear energy's safety concerns are largely containable. I just wish the topic could be dealt with in a sane way. Right now, the debate over Nuclear energy is tribal, and neither tribe seems to be rational.


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