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What makes me a far left liberal
Some things I think are bad and wrong, that makes me totally non-mainstream and extremist.

1. War.
2. Torture.
3. Punishment without due process.

Also I think unemployment is bad, not because it depresses home prices or because it makes things awkward for politicians, but, well, because it's really unpleasant and difficult when you don't have a job and need one and can't get one. And "unpleasant and difficult" is an understatement.

For much the same reason, I think healthcare reforms should be based upon whether they're effective at giving people access to healthcare, rather than whether some politicians can claim a "win" according to some arbitrary criteria that has nothing to do with the former.

Also poverty is bad and actual problem.

Also I tend to distinguish between a government and the people of a country, and also I tend to think that just because a group of people are a member of a religion, it does not follow that everyone who is a member of that religion is like the people in that group. In fact, as a general rule I don't side with or against something on the basis of whether it has a label that I'm supposed to be associated with or not.

So there.

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That doesn't make you a far left liberal

Much more important is your ideas on how to solve those problems.

Re: That doesn't make you a far left liberal

Well, the first three are easily solved - don't do them if at all possible...

In any case, I must be far left, because I'm to the left of Obama on this, and he's a progressive, I know this, because his defenders keep saying he is...

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