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Some definitions
I know many of you have dictionaries that are out of date, so here's some updates based upon current usage.


1. An act of usually politically motivated violence used at a surface level to attempt to intimidate in order to affect political change.
2. Any political act that could be, legitimately or illegtimately, described as being of questionable legality.
3. Anything I disagree with.


1. A violent sex act perpetrated upon an unwilling victim.
2. Any 16 year old celebrating their birthday by receiving a sexual birthday present from their one-day-younger partner
3. Anything I don't like.


1. An attempt to inflict pain or injury upon an unwilling victim
2. Willful destruction or damage to another's property
3. Being annoying or obstructive
4. Anything bad that happens to me.


1. An attempt to undermine the offender's own country, usually through the illegal assistance of an enemy country.
2. Criticizing the offender's own government, or corporations, or anything really that has anything to do with one's country.
3. Any attack I disagree with on an American entity by anyone in any nation.

Anyone have any others?


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