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Yet another move...?!
Yep, I'm a jackass. I'm moving yet again.

Except this time it's not LJ's fault. I like Livejournal, I really do, but frankly there's no big group of people following one another here, and if there's no big circle then the obvious thing to ask is what am I trying to get out of my blog and why?

I've been using Blogger for other projects for a while, and I like the interface. What I'm going to do is set it up, and then see if I can combine all my existing blogs into a single entity. This will give me the following:
  • A single point in which all my posts can live
  • An open environment in which anyone can reply (who isn't screened!)
  • The ability to set up pages to cover certain topics I think need more than just blog entries
  • Great Android integration :)
  • Options allowing people to subscribe to the feed via email etc.
You can probably guess the URL, but it's not set up yet. I'll let you all know :)